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Reality Net System Solutions

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of data extraction from formatted, damaged or destroyed devices when you cannot read data with regular systems.
Only with a good diagnosis it is possible to address the correct way to recover data.  Each  incorrect attempt to extract data can worse device damage and make any further attempt useless.

Data loss may have multiple reasons: logical damage (accidental format, virus, operating system crash, file system corruption) or physical damages (head crash, rotator damage, electronic failures, power surges, surface scratches, fires or flooding).

In addition to data recovery, our engineers can offer advice on corrupted file recovery, such as mail archives, office documents, databases, digital images and compressed files. In some case we are able to recover also protected files in case of password loss.

  • Data recovery from magnetic media in case of physical damages, RAID configuration errors, deleted files and folders, accidental format of the device or formatting errors
  • Data recovery from smartphones and tablets in case of accidental deletion or locked devices
  • Data recovery from flash memories desoldering and chip analysis
  • Data recovery from virtualization systems VmWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and others
  • Data recovery from optical devices physical damages or write errors
  • Repair of corrupted files like mail archives, office documents, databases, digital images and compressed files
  • Password recovery from protected files

Data recovery service is divided into five steps. During the whole process the customer is constantly informed about any advance.

Our process is based on the following model.

Withdraw: after the first contact, our customer has compile the diagnosis order and send us the device

Diagnosis: the device is analyzed and our engineers send a list of recoverable files to the customer with a detailed commercial offer

Confirmation: after the evaluation, the customer can proceed to data recovery confirmation accepting our quotation

Recovery: data are extracted from the damaged device

Delivery: recovered data are delivered to the customer into a new device.

  • tools
    CRU-Wiebetech Forensic UltraDock v5

    Hard Disk Acquisition

  • tools
    X-ways Forensics

    Computer and Mobile Analysis

  • tools
    Logicube Forensics Falcon

    Hard Disk Acquisition

  • tools
    CRU-Wiebetech Forensic UltraDock v4

    Hard Disk Acquisition

  • tools
    Logicube Talon Enhanced

    Hard Disk Acquisition

  • tools
    Guidance Tableau TD2 Forensic 1:2 Duplicator

    Hard Disk Acquisition