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Data Erasure

Secure data erasure, besides being prescrived by the privacy code, is a good practice in information security when a device (personal computer, server o dispositivo mobile) is dismissed.

Each time a  digital device is dismissed or  the owner changes you need to be sure that all the data will not become useful information for ill-intentioned users who can use it to damage your business.

Our technicians have technology and expertise to perform data wiping on all the data stored in all types of devices. Should the amount of data be too high it will be possible to use degaussing methods, which besides definitely deleting the data, prevent any possibile future use of the device.

Finally, should not the device be magnetic and should all the wiping and degaussing methods be ineffective, it is always possible to use methods of complete physical device destruction.

  • Wiping Overwriting of all the sectors of a device
  • Degaussing Generation of a magnetic field whose power overcomes the device polarization making them unusable
  • Physical destruction of the devices in order to make them unusable

In order to be sure that the data are completely destroyed without any recovery possibility it is essential to make use of an appropriate erasure method.

In our laboratory three different safe data erasure methods are used, according to the type and state of digital device.

Wiping: this data destroying technique consists in the use of applications fit for the writing of insignificant data on the entire device. In particular these applications overwrites all the data with random bit patterns. The security level of this method depends on the number of times in which the entire support is overwritten. Moreover the application bypass any installed operating system, if present, and makes complete erasure possible.

Degaussing: degaussing, or demagnetization, consists in the use of a device that generates an electromagnetic field able to destroy the stored data. The electromagnetic field must be strong enough to overcome the device shield. This technique is usable in magnetic or optomagnetic devices (e.g. hard disk, tapes, floppy disks), making them completely unusable.

Physical destruction: this technique consists in the physical destruction of the device through its disintegration, incineration, pulverization, breaking or chemical treatment. These techniques do not lead to data destruction, but the device is made completely unusable to avoid data recovery. This technique can be used for magnetic and optic supports and flash memories.

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