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Reality Net System Solutions

Salvo Reina

Educational & PreSales ““ Auditor TQM, ICT Quality & Security – R&D, GRC, Privacy & Data Protection, CCT migration

Cultural excursus and academical background matured on international scientific projects. The professional personality has cultivated an articulated experience which traversed clinical biology, basic research, applied biotechnology and information technology the latter of which is the cementing matter for the other ones.

After the University pathways, has operated as freelance and during the last 25 years he has worked for 12 hospitals, 5 private clinics, 4 pharmaceutical corporates and 7 Universities.

As scientist he has experienced multi-lingual and multi-ethnical enviroments cooperating at the National Institute of Health (Bethesda, MD) for the U.S.A. Government, in Bissau (Guinea Bissau – Africa) for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and in Rome as security advisor for the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO, UN). All international experiences are referenced (see attached dossier)

As consultant, his senior profile can enthrals the Total Quality Management aspects to fulfill the needs of a directional coaching for a multi-disciplinary projects.

Advisory expertise

Business plan and project feasibility, Human resource supervision and Teaching & Training learning, IT system architect and Integrated Systems audit,Biomedical and biotechnological software, Lean SixSigmaRegulatory and Quality Schemes unification in OHSAS,Biotechnological laboratory and animal facility,Security, Safety and bio-hazard expert (HSE ISO18001),IT Governance, distributed infra-structure, Operational Security,Standardisation of platforms across infra-structure and facilities,Environmental pre-impact estimation and audit indicators,Performance validation of Statistical Process Control trial, Risk Analisys and Business Continuity studies,ADS and IT reputation protection and Disaster Recovery Plans,Lead Analyst in Data protection & Privacy regulation and compliance,EU Regulation : Cloud, audit, SLA, Binding Corporate Rules, IT Contracts,Informal Learning & Mentoring advisor GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance)


Dr Reina has produced 13 Scientific Articles of international interest, has held 82 seminars either academical or professional, invited speaker at 41 symposia and conferences, contributtion on 17 publications for journals and books. Web-editorials & scientifical ghost writer (CMS, E-Learning & Wiki Techs). Dr Reina is the curator of several divulgative Blogs and internet publication concerning Privacy, Data Protection, ICT security, IoT, Cloud Computing and Artificial Reproduction Technology

Information Technology

Dr Reina has collected insight on IT being sw programmer and sw analyst, System Administrator, Security Service Responsible, web CMS, Data Protection Risk Assessment, middle-ware communicative system integration. Since 2000 he is a scientifical ghost writer on web’s editorials

Present and Past Affiliations Information

  • Systems Security Association (ISSA)
  • European Countries Biologits Association ““ (ECBA)
  • Italian Clinical Microbiologist Association (AMCLI)
  • IT professional Association (AIP)
  • IT Security Consultants Association (AIPSI)
  • Privacy Master Consultant (Feder Privacy)
  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Professional certifications

  • BSI – Lead Auditor ISO14001 Environmental Quality (),
  • Auditor ISO-20000 ““ IT Services (),
  • BSI – Lead Auditor ISO-27001 – IT Infrastructures (   ),
  • Senior expert ITIL & COBIT frameworks (   ),
  • ISACA admitted member for IT Governance (),
  • Data Protection Officer, TàœV Akedemie (),
  • STAR expert ““ Cloud Security Alliance (),
  • CPP ““ Certified Privacy Professional ()

(+39) 348 8528607